Svendborg Maersk's container washes up on English shore

By Accidents
The Maritime and Coastguard Agency of the United Kingdom (MCA) reported a container from the damaged container carrier Svendborg Maersk that lost over 500 containers in a rough weather last week, was found in Axmouth, Devon on the south west coast of England. The container ship of Maersk Line encountered damages as it crossed the stretches of Bay of Biscay on 14th of February, 2014.

Maersk Line reported over 85% of the containers onboard Svendborg Maersk were empty and they have probably sunk 75 n.m. in south west direction of Lands End in territorial waters of France. Passing vessels in the area around English Channel were warned and requested to report if spot any of the lost containers.

The MCA is carrying searches over the last 4 days since the accident of Svendborg Maersk and spotted 3 containers, one of which has since come ashore and the other 2 containers are mid-English Channel, said the counter pollution and salvage officer for MCA, Simon Porter.

“We are now working closely with Maersk to ensure they recover their containers, which are their property,” he said. “The Beer Coastguard Rescue Team, police and council officials are currently on scene at Axmouth beach and the container has been cordoned off. The public is reminded that all wreck material found in the UK has to be reported to the MCA’s Receiver of Wreck by completing a form on our website. Those who don’t declare items are breaking the law and could find themselves facing hefty fines and paying the owner twice the value of the item recovered.”