Mokpo Star runs aground in Columbia River

By Vessels

Mokpo Star, the 739-foot cargo ship ran aground in the Columbia River. The U.S. Coast Guard reacted quickly to the incident that occurred just north of the Astoria Northern Anchorage in Astoria, 2 days ago. Authorities announced that the ship Mokpo Star ran aground while people on board were trying to adjust the ship's position in the river with the help of the anchor, but without proper authorization. The U.S. Coast Guard successfully boarded the vessel to inspect what caused the grounding. Authorities started an investigation to determine if there is a threat of potential pollution and to find what was the amount of fuel on the ship. 

The Mokpo Star was obliged by authorities to call a tug which had to be on immediate standby and to start required vessel response plan. In the end the ship successfully floated with the incoming tide and changed its position. After the vessel escaped the trap, was sent to a safe anchorage with the help of authorities. Fortunately there are no sign of pollution. The U.S. Coast Guard decided the ship to stay in the anchorage until specialists find evidence that the vessel has not sustained hull damage.

The Mokpo Star had no cargo in the time of the incident, but was loaded with approximately 532,000 gallons of diesel fuel oil.