Russian armed spy vessel docks at Havana harbour

By Vessels

Russian armed vessel surprisingly docked at Havana, Cuba. There is no explanation why the ship visited Cuba in that moment, it is suspected that this has connection over the political situation in Ukraine. The Russian spy ship Viktor Leonov SSV-175 (Vishnya class of intelligence ships), entered Havana Bay this week. Some people consider this act as a demonstration of the Russian military power. The armed vessel was docked at a cruise ship terminal.

Russian military vessels are coming in Cuba even since the end of the Soviet era. There are always publicity in these visits, but this time all passed quietly. The information for the Russian military vessel was not mentioned in local media. Viktor Leonov SSV-175's visit was described as friendly. The ship has aboard surveillance equipment and missile defense systems andl is planned to stay in Havana for 3-4 days. There is information that the ship is receiving only food, but no maintenance or fuel.

Russia has an important naval base near Sevastopol (Black Sea), this week the country activated 150,000 troops near the border of Ukraine in connection with the complicated political situation in the region. Officials announced that the visit of the Russian vessel in Cuba is not linked to the problems in Ukraine. It is curious to note that two days ago, the Russian Defense Minister informed that the country will increase its presence abroad. 

The Soviet Union and the communist state Cuba (the country allowed Russia to build an intelligence base near Havana) were in cooperation for many years. After the end of the communism in Europe, the Russian military base was closed. The United States also dispatched (international waters) recently military vessels near Russia because of the Winter Olympics in Sochi (Russia).