New type of LNG vessel introduced by Tokyo LNG Tanker Co.

By Vessels

Tokyo LNG Tanker Co., Ltd. has made a deal with Japan Marine United Corporation to be built 2 LNG vessels (165,000 m3 tank capacity) and also has signed a contract with Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. and Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha of joint ownership and 20-year charter of the ships. The two LNG vessels are expected to be delivered in 3 years and will be used for transportation of LNG from U.S. Cove Point Project. The vessels are planned in a way to pass through the expanded Panama Canal (the project for the expansion of the Panama Canal is expected to finish before the delivery date of the LNG vessels). With another 2 ships, the number of the LNG vessels in Tokyo LNG Tanker fleet will be equal to 12.

What is unique in the design of the LNG vessels?

Their containment system is SPB*, a Japanese invention introduced by IHI Corporation (with head-office located in Koto-ku) and JMU. The new development allows the space usage inside the hull to be increased and it was introduced new free designing of the hull for less fuel consumption. Tokyo LNG Tanker has decided to buy LNG vessels with SPB tanks for the first time. The two vessels will be with the largest size (LNG vessels with SPB tanks) in the world. 

Since the LNG vessels will be used near the U.S. territory, they will have to respect the U.S. emission control regulations. This is why the vessels will be equipped with Tri Fuel Diesel Electric(TFDE) propulsion system, when used with the TFDE propulsion this will lead to less fuel consumption and less pollution.

* Abbreviation of Self-supporting Prismatic-shape IMO type B
*Tokyo LNG Tanker Co., Ltd. Known also as Tokyo LNG Tanker with head-office located in Tokyo. 

*Japan Marine United Corporation Known also as JMU, with head-office located in Tokyo.