Aggregates carrier KM DJO NO 3, caught in rough weather, drifted towards shore and hit the rocks at Masalembu island, Java sea, Indonesia, at night Jul 24, with ensuing water ingress. 

Cargo ship KM DJO NO 3 hit rocks, partially sank, Java sea

The ship partially sank, but understood, she may be yet salvaged, or at least, her cargo of merchandise and construction materials. 

Of 16 people on board (13 being crew), 9 were evacuated, 7 remained on board to protect the cargo and assist in salvage. The ship sailed from Surabaya.

Aggregates carrier KM DJO NO 3, IMO 8859457, GT 684, built 1991, flag Indonesia, manager HARI BARU INDONESIA PT.

Source: Maritime Bulletin