Honest Somali crew rescued from pirates

By Piracy

This year 14 April Spanish warship ESPS Reina Sofia, who is now sailing as part of the EU's counter-piracy task, Operation Atalanta, stopped a Yemeni dhow that was suspected of carrying armed Somali pirates. The French Air Force Awacs E3F, FS Dixmude and her helicopters, as well as an Australian Maritime Patrol and Reconнaisance Aircraft (MPRA) helped for this important mission. As a consequence, they were capable to free four innocent Somali crewmen who were being held hostages.
Spanish Marines step on board the dhow that was considered to have been used as a mother ship and had relations to several pirate attacks in the sea. After transferring the 20 men from the dhow to Reina Sofia, 4 of the men were identified as innocent Somali sailors. 2 Yemeni crew had been released by the suspect pirates after the dhow was hijacked in the end of March.
As a consequence of her actions, Reina Sofia took out the threat of 16 pirates and their use of the dhow as a mother ship to hijack merchant ships in the area of the Indian Ocean. The dhow and the Somali crew are now free to return safely to the home port in Yemen.
All pirates had been released. No evidence for piracy.