Rumors about Cruise Ship Princess ignoring Fishing Vessel in trouble

By Accidents

The cruise ship Star Princess(PRINCESS CRUISE LINES LTD,USA) maybe ignored to help a distressed fishing boat according to information.
The date March 10, 3 bird-watching passengers aboard the Star Princess noticed fishing vessel in the Pacific looking to be in trouble.
"We then used spotting scopes with a fixed tripod and I could see this strange little boat and at least one person standing up waving a piece of cloth high over his head, up and down," passenger Jeff Gilligan told MSNBC. "We could see it was not moving - there were nets pulled on to the boat and apparently no nets in the water. So we soon questioned - is this a stranded, disabled boat, signaling us for help?"
Other person bird watcher, Judy Meredith, was informed the cruise's bridge with the help of a crew member. But the cruise ship ignored what she said. Not hearing back from the Star Princess' crew, Meredith sent the fishing vessel's coordinates in an email to a Coast Guard website.
The 3 men were on an overnight fishing trip, but their vessel lost power. Information from the Guardian, on the night of March 10, one of the men, Oropeces Betancourt, 24, died of dehydration. Other person Fernando Osorio, 16, died on March 15 from dehydration, sunburn and heat stroke. The sole survivor was 18-year-old Panamanian hotel worker Adrian Vasquez, who was rescued 9 days later. He was picked up near the Galapagos Islands 28 days later.
According to information from the cruise ship captain's log, the Star Princess was s through a fishing fleet at the time. Contact was supposedly made with the vessel in question, which asked the ship to change course to avoid damaging their nets. The waving that the bird watchers saw was the fishermen thanking the ship.
Princess Cruises owners said it was aware of the allegations against it and would be conducting an investigation.
Princess Cruises is owned by Carnival.