Google barge docked at Port of Stockton

By Curious

One of the Google barges was moored at the Treasure Island in the San Francisco Bay, but now has been confirmed docked in port of Stockton (Thursday). The mysterious floating project of the search engine giant has finally changed its location. The port of Stockton authorities confirmed that the barge is located there. Officials had made all of the arrangements working together with Google representatives. The director of the port of Stockton is delighted that an arrangement with Google has been made (about the residence of the mysterious Google barge). The port has to house the Google construction for half a year. The search engine giant will pay all required standard docking fees. Considering the 200-foot length of the barge, that will cost Google $10, 000 a month.

Perfect weather conditions and calm waters permitted the barge to make the voyage from a former Navy base in the San Francisco bay to Stockton in about 7.5 hours. There were rumors about the change of the location of the Google barge because the construction did not have the permits to be moored there. San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission pointed a possible option the vessel to be moved to a shipyard within the bay.

Google Inc. did not reveal much information about this mysterious floating construction, but announced only that the barge will be used for demonstration of new technology. The port of Stockton is known with its history of ship and barge construction and outfitting. The new location of the barge has heavy lifting cranes and every day handles large structural cargo. Port of Stockton is a commercial seaport and the access to the port is limited, the security there is tightened. People living in the area are excited to see the mysterious Google barge.