The Captain and two crew members of Prime Lady kidnapped in the Gulf of Guinea

By Piracy
Prime Lady, supply vessel registered in Nigeria, was attacked on March 6. The attack happened around fifteen nautical miles offshore (coordinates: 04 11.6N 005 44.0E). The vessel was on her way from Onne to the Utpotiki field when the pirates hijacked the captain and two crew members. Prime Lady is a 67 meters long vessel owned by Prime Gulf International (based in Aberdeen), IMO 8112524. The incident is the tenth one in the recent several weeks. 

The attack follows a warning from Dryad Maritime Intelligence. According to their analysts the danger of pirates' invasions in the Gulf of Guinea is increasing. Dryad Maritime Intelligence's report also says that half of the attacks off the Niger Delta resulted in the hijacking for ransom of at least a senior member of the crew. The rest of the attacks are unsuccessful attempts for kidnappings. The attack of Prime Lady proves the analysis and once again accents the necessity for the crews to operate in the area with vigilance and to observe closely the local traffic. 

Dryad Maritime Intelligence advises that the vessels sailing in the area (200 nautical miles of the Gulf' s coastline) have to implement all the necessary measures for security and to be in contact with officials from the local security forces. The crews have to pay further attention when they are operating out of  the Nigerian Navy security or out of private security of the oil companies.