UPDATE on the Sinking of container ship Yusuf Cepnioglu off Mykonos island

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Inspectors from the Environmental Department of the Greek Coast Guard were sent to the scene of the accident with the Turkish-flagged ship Yusuf Cepnioglu to investigate the situation. According to recent reports, there is over 200 tonnes of diesel fuel in the tanks of the stranded off Mykonos island, vessel.

The cargo ship was sailing to Izmir from Tunisia, loaded with 204 containers onboard. The vessel was abandon from its crew members after she crushed into the rocks off Mykonos island. All of the fourteen crew members of sunken ship Yusuf Cepnioglu were safely rescued and provided medical assistance. They were all kept for further investigation over the accident with Yusuf Cepnioglu.

The owner of the damaged container ship was requested to reveal its freight manifest in order to determine whether there is any dangerous cargo aboard Yusuf Cepnioglu.

Greek Coast Guard reported that Yusuf Cepnioglu is still pinned to the rocks of Mykonos island. However, there are big concerns the ship may become loose and cause a fuel leak due to high waves and strong winds in the area.

The situation on the scene of the accident with Yusuf Cepnioglu remains complicated, as the high waves and rough weather condition continue to create obstacles to the team of investigators. Moreover, a few additional containers have already come untied from the vessel's holds. Several towing vessels were dispatched on the place of the accident with necessary equipment to avoid oil spill, as the shipper company assigned salvage operations of Yusuf Cepnioglu.

Here is the rescue operation of crew members of Yusuf Cepnioglu

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