GOUROCK ferry MV Coruisk seriously damaged in pier crash

By Accidents

MV Coruisk was reported to have crashed into a pier due to bad weather conditions (thick fog). The GOUROCK ferry has been seriously damaged after crashing into the breakwater berth at Dunoon (Scotland). Part of the vessel's hull was crumpled. Passengers on the ferry could not do anything and they were stranded temporarily because of the incident. 

A man who was near the crash when it happened said:

"There was an almighty bang and it was immediately clear that the boat had hit something pretty hard. After she tied up, a crewman got off to check the damage and to see if it was anywhere near the waterline. Everyone waiting on the linkspan was told very quickly that the service would have to be cancelled because of the crash."

Passengers aboard the ferry MV Coruisk were sailing to work and college in Inverclyde, fortunately no one was hurt and the delay of the voyage was only half an hour. MV Argyll Flyer arrived at the location of the incident to help with the transportation of the people aboard the MV Coruisk. The damaged ferry is now located at James Watt Dock to be repaired.

One of the commuters of the MV Coruisk said:

"You couldn’t see the boat at Dunoon at all because the fog was so thick but you could hear her horn sounding as she approached. It was only when the ferry was very close that you could make out part of her shape from her lights. The noise created by the collision was just as loud as the ship’s horn."

MV Coruisk was sailing on the same route since last December in order to help with the peak time sailings, to cover the 78-ton MV Ali Cat and the cancellations due to the bad weather. The crash was officially confirmed by the company operator of the ferry. An investigation is taking place and assessment of the damage will be made. MV Argyll Flyer and MV Ali Cat are dispatched to maintain the service Gourock-Dunoon. How long the MV Coruisk will be out of service is not known at the moment.