Kongsberg presents Subsea Monitoring System

By Curious

Kongsberg Maritime is focused on the development of environmental monitoring, leak detection systems within the offshore renewables and oil and gas sectors. The company plans to launch an innovative subsea monitoring system that is expected to be ready this year. Kongsberg's Modular Subsea Monitoring-Network (MSM) is suitable for different types of projects. The subsea monitoring system is created to provide continuous monitoring of the environment. Alerts are received when an oil and gas leakages are detected by the system (leakages detected near subsea installations, pipelines and risers). 

The Managing Director of Kongsberg Maritime Embient GmbH, Soren Themann said:

"The global demand for energy challenges the offshore oil and gas industry to push the boundaries and seek resources in extreme environments. Increasing environmental awareness within the public and industry bodies and more enthusiasm within the industry itself to minimise environmental impact is driving new requirements for effective monitoring and safe process control systems. With the MSM we are meeting these requirements in an straightforward, modular package, meaning that the same core framework can be used regardless of the project or location."

The subsea monitoring system is created with tested technology, including KONGSBERG cNODE*, different hydroacoustic sensors and 3rd party sensors developed by Kongsberg. MSM is created to provide critical sensor data continuously because of the intelligent data processing and tested power management for long duration missions. Kongsberg's Modular Subsea Monitoring-Network could be easy deployed to various monitoring tasks, from early leak detection to monitoring the seabed.

*KONGSBERG cNODE project is based on transponders for underwater acoustic positioning and data link.