VIDEO & PHOTOS: Search for Malaysian aircraft expands to Indian Ocean

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Two communication systems were "convicted" by officials, on disappearing of the Malaysian plane, as they had been shut off for 14 minutes apart as it emerges the missing plane was pinging for hours after vanishing at height of 35,000 ft.

# The MH370 flight of the Malaysian Airways, with 239 passengers onboard, disappeared on Saturday morning, 8th of March.
# Last reported position of the disappeared plane is above South China Sea. Two separate communication systems were consciously shut down one our after the plane take-off.
# It was later announced that British firms satellite received pings (tracking signals) from the plane, for up to 5 further hours after it disappeared over South China Sea.
# Signals of the plane showed it's height, altitude and speed.
# The plane was still in the air on a height of 35,000 ft according to the last ping.
# However, the coordinates of the last position are still unknown.
# The missing plane may have flown over 2,500 miles from the place where disappeared, based on its height and speed.
# The search operation for the missing aircraft will be now concentrated in the Indian Ocean, revealed the White House.

According to the statement of U.S. officials the MH370 flight of Malaysian Airlines didn't come down because of an catastrophic failure.

Released information shows the data reporting system was shut down at 1:07 a.m. and almost 15 minutes later, at 1:21 a.m. the transponder of the aircraft turned off, just after the plane's pilot signed off to Malaysian traffic controllers saying "All right, good night," and before the aircraft Boeing 777 obviously altered its course to west.

Switching off the transponder of the aircraft could have been deliberate act stated investigators, adding that the 2 communication devices of the MH370 flight were systematically shut down.

These circumstances "convinced" the U.S. investigators there was a manual intervention that means there wasn't neither an accident nor a massive malfunction, which caused the Malaysian Airlines aircraft to cease to be airborne.

Even though both communication systems weren't active, the aircraft was able to send signals from the service data system, known as ACARS signals to a satellite. After the last ping, the Malaysian Airways' aircraft disappeared, event it's not switched on.

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The United States government released information that they are going to conduct a research operation in the region of Indian Ocean, responding to a newly come information about the jet liner. The information was confirmed by the spokesperson of the White House, that U.S. is looking for a new way for exploration.

'It's my understanding that based on some new information that's not necessarily conclusive - but new information - an additional search area may be opened in the Indian Ocean.

'We are consulting with international partners about the appropriate assets to deploy,' said the spokesman of the White House, Jay Carney.

The Malaysian government deployed 27 vessels and 18 aircrafts to search for the Boeing 777. In the search operation also takes part the MV Mega Bakti submarine support vessel that is able to locate object in up to 1,000 meters depth.

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Theory: There is the minimum distance of around 2,500 miles - traveled before the aircraft pinged its last communication to its tracking satellite.

U.S. destroyer USS Kidd is being moved to the Indian Ocean to conduct a search operation for the missing jet liner.

In the operation of searching for the aircraft and 239 passengers, will also take part a big number of maritime police officers, air force and other personnel.

USA, Vietnam, China, Australia, Thailand, Singapore, New Zealand, Indonesia, India, Philippines and Japan have also dispatched vessels, aircraft and professionals to assist the search operation.

A search vessel that is carrying rescue workers is set down from the Chinese Mianyang warship