1 dead, 10 still missing after "hit and run" near the mouth of Manila Bay

By Accidents

At least one fisherman died, ten are still missing, after a cargo ship hit a fishing vessel. F/V Dan Israel-L sank while the cargo ship was running away. The accident happened on Wednesday, between 11 PM and midnight, near Cavite, off El Fraile Island.

F/V Dan Israel-L had 23 crew members on board. According to Philippine Coast Guard, 12 of them were rescued by another fishing vessel, one body was found, 10 are still missing. Three of the rescued fishermen have suffered injuries.

The cargo ship, that caused the accident, still has not been identified. The crew members of F/V Dan Israel-L have described the vessel as a "big blue cargo ship, carrying steel containers." 

The rescue operation started early on Thursday when a fishermen managed to reach the shore and report the accident. BRP Davao del Norte and BRP San Juan are deployed at the area to continue the search operation. They are also supported by the Air Forces and local divers who are looking to identify the location of the sunken F/V Dan Israel-L. Commander Armand Balilo, a spokesman from PCG, said that they were trying to identify the cargo ship together with the Philippine Ports Authority and Cordillera traffic management system.