In September 2020, the three azimuth propulsion thrusters were installed in the cable-laying vessel Nexans Aurora.

Spotted: Installation of Nexans Aurora’ thruster completed at Ulstein Verft
Caption: The 'Nexans Aurora' is positioned in the dock hall at Ulstein Verft. Photo: Daniel Osnes.

The vessel is under construction at Ulstein Verft

Each thruster has an effect of 3,200 kW and a diameter of 2,900 mm.

Caption: 'Nexans Aurora' azimuth thruster installed. Photo: Daniel Osnes.
Caption: Thruster installation underway. Photo: Daniel Osnes.
Caption: Nexans Aurora, stern azimuth on multiwheeler, photo Brunvoll, Jørgen Eide.

The thrusters are part of a major delivery from Brunvoll, which also includes two bow thrusters (3,100 kW), and a retractable azimuth unit of 3,000kW.

Parallell work tasks

Multiple operations are going on at the same time during a ship construction newbuild project such as the 'Nexans Aurora'. The photo below shows the heave of one of the two tensioners, a Maats Tech delivery. The vessel is also currently being painted.

Caption: Heave of one of the Maats Tech tensioners. Photo: Daniel Osnes.