Rolls-Royce obtains patent for wave piercing design

By Curious

Rolls-Royce has obtained a patent for developing wave piercing design (cargo ships) in China. This technology is characterized by improved efficiency of merchant vessels sailing along coastlines and inland waterways. The patent has been received for the so-called Environship wave piercing bow technology for cargo ships (Environship is a concept for eco-ship used by Rolls-Royce). This innovation could be used not only for merchant vessels, but also could be easily adapted to other ship types. The Rolls-Royce's wave piercing bow technology benefits the ship owners by delivering efficiency savings.

The bow is designed with a vertical stem for the need of efficient entry into the water. When a merchant vessel comes in contact with a wave, the special designed hull pierces through the water rather than rides over the top. The shape of the bow allows the vessel to minimise speed loss and slamming. The company successfully registered the patent for the wave piercing design last year in Europe and Russia. The reduced buoyancy can be a problem in rough sea due to the fact that the ship is not lifted above the wave.

The Design Manager of Rolls-Royce said:

"We are pleased to receive this patent because it represents a benchmark for quality and legal protection. This patented technology will be highly relevant for ship owners looking to improve the efficiency of cargo ships operating along coastlines and inland waterways where it is most important to reduce fuel consumption and emissions."

Background information:

The business of Rolls-Royce is diverged in two segments: Aerospace and Marine & Industrial Power Systems (MIPS). The company is focused on strong technology platforms, gas turbines and reciprocating engines for use on land, at sea and in the air.