VIDEO: EMSA-contracted ship equipped with Weir Boom 180 system in Bulgaria

By Vessels
Today was announced that Bulgarian ship Enterprise, berthed in Varna port and contracted by The European Maritime Safety (EMSA), was equipped with a new Weir Boom 180 system, ready to cope with potential oil spills. During the last month, the vessel was equipped with the new recovery and combined containment system, Weir Boom 180, which brings big advantages to the Bulgarian navy.

The new Weir Boom 180 system, fitted to Enterprise, is made response operations after well blow-outs and major oil leaks. The new system is provided with a completely autonomous source of hydraulic power and it is also packed for mobilization and easy deployment at sea. The Weir Boom 180 system is able to collect up to 180 cubic meters of spilled oil for an hour, according to Vikoma International Ltd., the company supplier of the oil spill system.

Oil spill response vessels contracted by EMSA, are stand-by commercial ships that may be quickly converted to oil pollution response activities. The EMSA-contracted ships are able to store large amount of spilled oil, along with an oil recovery and containment system.

The oil spill response system is consisted of deflector oil pollution containment boom, 300-meters long and a 70.5-meters integrated boom section that is capable to accommodate up to 3 weir pumps, situated at 6-meter intervals, each able to pump 60 cubic meters/hour of spilled oil. The weir boom is supplied on a deck reel, which is driven by a hydraulic system. It includes a hydraulic pump, oil recovery pump, placed on the deck, 2x105 kW ATEX zoned power packs and a water pump, all situated within 20ft container.