UPDATE: Two still missing after the search aboard Santa Ana finished

By Accidents
Two crew members of the sunken fishing vessel Santa Ana are still missing after Spanish divers have finished the search aboard the vessel. 

The operation started on March 16 when divers unsuccessfully tried to cut the starboard side hull in order to remove all the fishing boxes that were detaining the rescue work. The attempt was unsuccessful, so was the second one - to cut a hole into the hull. The divers were able to investigate the bow and the engine room. The bodies of Marcos del Aguaand, a trainee, and Wasito, Indonesian crew member, were recovered on March 17. They were found in the aft cabins and probably drowned while they were sleeping. The 30 divers managed to cut the hull using a thermic lance but no more bodies were found. The crew members still missing are Víctor José Farinhas and Manuel María Tajes.

The fishing vessel Santa Ana sunk on March 10th near Cabo Penas. The vessel had nine crew members onboard. The Captain Manuel Sande was rescued. 

The body of Suherman Hasan, Indonesian mechanical, was found three days later and the body of Lucas Joseph Mayo, Galician sailor, was recovered on March 15.

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