G2 Ocean has carried over 500,000 freight tons in 11 sailings on the India – US Gulf trade lane since the service was launched in February 2020. “We are pleased with these early results,” Senior Chartering Manager Prashant Samel says.

G2 Ocean makes promising entry into India

As part of G2 Ocean’s strategy for 2020 to 2024, the Company is expanding into new markets in Africa and India.

Developing the strategy into motion, G2 Ocean launched its India – US East Coast/ US Gulf parcelling semi-liner service in February 2020.

“This is a carefully considered and planned offering that brings forward our world-class service levels and extensive operational capability to the Indian Market,” says Prashant Samel, Senior Chartering Manager at G2 Ocean.

The new trade lane connects the Middle East, West Coast and East Coast of India to the US East Coast/US Gulf – from Sorel, Canada down to Veracruz, Mexico. All intermediate ports from New Orleans, Baltimore, Camden, Houston, Galveston, Altamira, and others are covered by the new service.

To ensure quick transit times, the ships sail through the Suez Canal, without stopping between India and the US ports.

Has proven successful

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the service is proving to be very successful; G2 Ocean has carried over 500,000 freight tons in 11 sailings operated out of India since the service was launched in February 2020.

“We are happy with these early results and pleased to see that the new service is well received. The service is well-positioned to meet the needs of the customers, helping them grow on a global scale, ” Samel says.

On the 11 sailings complete thus far, G2 Ocean has made over 25 port calls in India and the Middle East, loading over 40,000 freight tons of cargo per sailing.

Exploring new services

At present, G2 Ocean operates one sailing on the India – US Gulf semi-liner service each month, utilising its Open Hatch box-shaped vessels between 45-60.000 deadweight tons.

These vessels are ideal for a variety of project and breakbulk cargoes, including wind turbine equipment, steel, pipes, bagged and bulk cargoes, and provides a paradigm shift in shipping solutions available for Indian exports.

G2 Ocean will allocate more vessels to the India – USG service, and explore services into other areas if the demand continues to grow. 

Source: G2 Ocean