• Regular direct connection between Singapore and Port Hedland (Western Australia)
  • Connection to over 400 ports leveraging the CMA CGM Group network
  • Servicing containerized and project cargo

ANL Announces 'The Pilbara Connection'

Earlier today, ANL has announced a new regular direct connection between Singapore and Port Hedland (Western Australia). As a first step, this will be as an extra call on ANL’s PAX service offering a 20-day frequency. The Pilbara connection caters for both containerized and break-bulk/out-of-gauge cargo and will sail from Singapore to Port Hedland from 31st October.

Providing direct access to the region, ANL’s Pilbara connection offers customers shorter supply chains, reduced road haulage and the opportunity to source product more cost effectively from other parts of Australia via Singapore. As demand increases, ANL plans to have a number of vessels dedicated to the Pilbara, with increased frequency and accessibility to a range of ports in the region, including Dampier and Onslow.

The ANL service will offer a sailing from Singapore every 20 days with an approximate 8 days transit to Port Hedland. In addition to a range of landside delivery options including but not limited to Dampier and Karratha, ANL can also provide broad connections to over 400 ports via the transshipment hub in Singapore, as part of the CMA CGM Group, a world leader in shipping and logistics.

ANL’s General Manager, Intra-Oceania, Chris Peck says, "Connecting the world to the Pilbara Region direct from Singapore is a game changer for the zone. Shorter supply chains, less trucks on the road, wider sourcing options, export cargo opportunities: it just makes sense! ANL’s home grown expertise coupled with the CMA CGM Group’s global network will give Pilbara businesses the best connectivity ever, another demonstration of ANL’s spirit of endeavor.”

Source: ANL

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