1 dead, 3 hurt and 1 missing after a cargo ship catches fire and sinks off Sharajah

By Accidents

One sailor died, three were hurt and one is still missing after a cargo ship caught fire and sank off the coast of Sharajah yesterday. 

The accident happened 8 km (5 miles) from the coast at around 9 AM. According to the acting Director-General of Sharjah Civil Defence, Colonel Khalid Obaid Bin Kanoon the fire occurred after the ship had loaded its cargo at Port Khalid. The area was enveloped by a thick blanket of smoke. A team from the Civil Defence was dispatched immediately by the police operations control room. The Coast Guard were notified and they also reached the area of the accident. The heavy smoke covered Al Rolla and the traffic police cordoned off the area creating heavy traffic congestion.

According to Colonel Khalid Obaid Bin Kanoon, at the time the rescue teams arrived, one of the five crew members had died, one had jumped into the sea and the other three were on board. They sustained moderate to serious burns and received first aid immediately. Later, they were transferred to the Al Kuwaiti hospital. They were identified as S.A.K (21-year old, India), M.K. (19-year old, India) and S.A. (20-year, Bangladesh). 

The rescue team from the Coast Guard tried to save the cargo of the burning ship, but it was gutted completely by the fire and it finally sank. The cause of the fire is being investigated by the police of Khalid Port and the search for the missing crew member continues.