The son of the crashed MH370 pilot denies all speculations about his father

By Curious

Ahmad Seth, the youngest child of Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah, has denied all speculations about his father. The 26-year-old language student is the first family member to speak in front of the press. He said that since the plane disappeared, he had been reading up all news concerning the accident. Ahmad has defended his father saying he knows him better.

"I've read everything online. But I've ignored all the speculation. I know my father better. We may not be as close as he travels so much. But I understand him," he said.

Ahmad Seth has two elder siblings - Aishah and Ahmad Idris. Neither they nor the wife of Zaharie, Faizah Khanum Mustafa Khan, have spoken to any media. The son of the pilot is supported by his close friends. Ahmad Seth still has a glimmer of hope:

"Now, we are just waiting for the right confirmation- for the wreckage or bodies. I will believe it when I see the proof in front of my eyes."

Close friend of the MH370 pilot released a video defending Zaharie.

Meanwhile, the search in the area continues. Thailand has released new images (from the satellite "Thaichote") showing 300 new objects around 1,680 miles (2,700 km) south west of Perth. They were spotted around 200 km from the current search area. The objects range from 2 to 15 metes. 

Bad weather today suspended any aerial operations. Only ships are conducting the search in an area of 16,290 sq nautical miles in the western sector, and 6,506 sq nautical miles in the eastern sector.

The daily press conference of the Malaysian authorities in Kuala Lumpur has been cancelled today, so was the planned Malaysia Airlines news conference.

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