Port of Singapore cancels Coteam Petroleum bunker license

By Finance

The licenses of Coteam Petroleum Trading Pte Ltd (bunker supplier and bunker craft operator) have been cancelled by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA). It is effective from today and it is taken for controverting the licenses' terms and conditions.

MPA has found that Coteam Petroleum Trading has breached clause number 3 of their Bunkering Licence for bunker supplier. The company has allowed other companies to supply bunkers using their Bunker Delivery Notes. Coteam Petroleum Trading has also violated clause number 31 of their license for Bunker Craft Operator. The operator has delivered bunkers on behalf of unlicensed company to its customers. 

The cancellation of the licenses bans Coteam Petroleum to operate in the Port of Singapore as bunker supplier. 

The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) requires all bunker suppliers to be licensed. The port authority reminds all suppliers that have been licensed to observe strictly all terms and conditions of their license. The bunkering license is not transferable. Under Clause 31 of the Bunkering Licence, Bunker Craft Operator, is said:

"Bunker craft operators shall not make use of any bunker craft to deliver bunkers on behalf of any person, firm or company or which is not a bunker supplier licensed by MPA."

MPA reminds that any bunker craft operator or bunker supplier found to have violated any terms and conditions of MPA bunker license will have it cancelled or suspended. 

Port of Singapore retained its position as the top bunkering port for 2013 with volume of 42.7 million tonnes recorded bunker sales. The port has a strategic location at the crossroad of international trade. It has an industry structure, the bunker prices are competitive and the port assures standards for safety and quality.