Container vessel KM Journey sank after collision with ferry KM Lambelu in Indonesia

By Accidents
KM Journey, a 2,772 GT container vessel sank following a collision with KM Lambelu, a 14,649 GT ferry in Surabaya port in East Java, Indonesia. The collision between KM Journey and KM Lambelu occurred in the morning of 1st of April, 2014, at 2:25 local time (March 31, UTC 7:25 p.m.).

There are 2 contradictory versions for the vessels collision:
  1. the sunken container ship KM Journey was drawn to a berthed passenger vessel KM Lambelu by the sea current after having an anchor
  2. KM Journey was drawn to the ferry, while KM Lambelu was maneuvering in effor to anchor
but both versions for the accident say the container carrier KM Journey was drawn by a sea current onto KM Lambelu.

The impact punched a leak in the container carrier KM Journey. An hour after the collision, the cargo ship carrying 133 containers and was about to depart to the port of Lembar of West Nusa Tenggara, sank. All 17 crew members of KM Journey were rescued by nearby ships, reported in good condition, few with minor bruises.

Containers of sunken ship KM Journey were loaded with instant noodles, a good catch for the fishermen, busy with gathering packages of noodles, reported Jakarta Post.

The passenger ship KM Lambedu didn't suffer serious damages.

Local authorities are currently investigating the collision between KM Journey and KM Lambedu.