MSC Kyoto docked after being grounded in Mobile Ship Channel

By Accidents
Cargo vessel MSC Kyoto was grounded for 12 hours on 7th of April, reported United States Coast Guard Department. USCG restricted the Mobile Ship Channel after officers received a distress call for a grounded ship between 36 and 38 buoys yesterday. It was later reported that the grounded vessel was the 43,325 GT, container ship sailing under the flag of Greece, MSC Kyoto. She is already docked in Alabama State Docks.

The cargo ship, carrying unknown cargo containers onboard was en route to Mobile when the steering mechanism of the vessel failed and caused the ship running aground.

“Apparently due to cause was hydraulic pump failure which affected their steering pump and caused it to go aground outside of the channel,” said Lt. JG Bradley Parker.

Smaller vessels run aground very often in the Bay, report USCG officials but when it comes to large vessels like the 270-meter-long MSC Kyoto, vessels that size rarely hit the bottom.

A team of FOX10 operators shot the MSC Kyoto with the help of Captain Robert Cardin and his Sea Tow company, a locally owned and operated vessel towing service.

Tow boats were pulling the grounded cargo vessel MSC Kyoto from the stern in effort to release its grounded bow.

Lt. Parker from the USCG said they are trained to respond to such ship incidents. However, he also added

“But to say its common would be incorrect especially with a vessel of this size. Obviously our smaller vessels happen a bit more frequently.”

There is still no information for the cargo aboard MSC Kyoto, but there were no fuel leaks nor spilled hazardous materials into Mobile Ship Channel.

Current position of MSC Kyoto