The jack-up rig Rowan Viking has returned to Edvard Grieg and is now connected to the production platform on the field. The platform at Edvard Grieg does not have its own drilling tools, hence it uses this cantilever jackup rig to drill through its platform deck. With Rowan Viking in place Island Contender commenced operation for Lundin Energy as a support vessel for the rig last week.

Island Contender - in operation for Lundin Energy

Island Contender had batteries and shore connection installed in December 2020, which combined with the vessel’s gas engines will reduce the emissions to the environment substantially. In operation a battery pack can be used as spare capacity and extra safety when the vessel is alongside a rig, thus saving both fuel and generator running hours. In addition the battery will contribute with quick and effective power during transit, reducing the need to start up an extra generator for peak loads. As the gas engines perform best when running on constant load, the combination with batteries is ideal. 

The shore power connections enables the vessels to lay alongside quays without using engine power where shore side electrical power is supplied. In ports without shore power vessels can activate harbour mode, using battery power only. This reduces engine-running hours significantly, and is a considerable contribution to reduce the local environmental impact, as well as fuel costs. The generator will only start up when the batteries are discharged, in order to recharge them. 

With this latest addition Lundin Energy now has three Island Offshore hybrid PSVs in service.