Oil spill after tanker sank southwest of Bangkok

By Accidents

On Tuesday, an oil tanker sank near the Maha Chai Gulf in Samut Sakhon Province (Bangkok adjacent). According to Thai News Agency (TNA), the incident has caused an oil spill in whole the area. 

The incident occurred at about three kilometres from the coast of Pak Klong Pramong while the tanker was en route to dock in at the Maha Chai coast. According to Surachai Burapanontachai, director of the 3rd Region Marine Office at the Samut Sakhon Branch, the tanker had on board oil sludge (30 - 60 thousand litres) which has spread in the area and has already affected local fishermen and mangrove forests. Authorities are trying to accelerate the clean up of the area spraying dispersants

According to the provincial governor of Samut Sakhon, Arthit Boonyasophat, the workers in the area have managed to clean up to 75% of the 9 barrels (1,500 litres) in the water. The oil will be transferred ashore and then sent on trucks for recycling in Bangkok. 

Thai authorities said that the medium-sized tanker sank after water had entered the engine room. All five crew members are safe. 

Workers in the area are trying to finish the cleanup and to salvage the sunken vessel