Dryad Reports on Piracy Activity for the first quarter of 2014

By Piracy

Dryad has reported 70 pirate attacks and 41 crew members taken hostage for the first quarter of the year. The numbers show an overall reduction of 13 per cent when compared to the same period (three-month) in 2013, but there have been some really threatening events in crime across the main piracy areas (Horn of Africa, Gulf of Guinea, Southeast Asia).  

Gulf of Guinea

Crew have been kidnapped for ransom off the Niger Delta. At the time of writing its report, Dryad has reported for 6 seafarers still in the hands of their kidnappers. 

In February, a gang of Nigerian criminals hijacked a product tanker, MT Kerala, from an anchorage in Angola (some 800 miles from the Niger Delta). They manged to steal 13,000 tons of gasoil. Both events illustrate real thread in the region. 

Horn of Africa

Compared to 2013, the numbers for the first quarter of 2014 are slightly up. The reported attacks in the area include also some suspicious approaches. The last event in the area for the first quarter of the year was the fire against a vessel in the Strait of Hormuz but it has been categorized "non-piratical." The most threatening attacks in the area were against MT Nave Atropos in January (south of Salalah) and against MV Andrea in February (close to the Somali coast). The Somalis were pushed away by vessels' security teams. 

Southeast Asia

Although the numbers are lower compared to 2013, the area is the leader in the 2014 Q1 statistics. A number of vessels have been boarded in the Singapore Strait for robbery. The attacks in the anchorages off Pulau Nipah have been reduced, but a product tanker have been attacked in the Malacca Strait