UPDATE on Flight MH370: Australian Prime Minister "very confident" about the black box position

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Australian search and rescue officials are aware that the signals detected during the last week are from the black box of the crashed MH370. The Prime Minister of Australia, Tony Abbott, said in Shanghai that he is confident about the position of the black box flight recorder. 

 "Still, confidence in the approximate position of the black box is not the same as recovering wreckage from almost four and a half kilometers beneath the sea or finally determining all that happened on the flight," he added.

Today, the search is being conducted on three areas. Two of the zones are larger, 1,485 miles (2,390 km) northwest of Perth, and a smaller one (232 sq miles) about 1,038 miles (1,670 km) northwest of Perth.

The third zone is near the location of the signals picked by Ocean Shield. There have already been detected five signals, the last one on Friday.  

According to the head of the Australian agency coordinating the search operations, Marshal Angus Houston, the latest signal was very unlikely to be from the MH370 black box

"On the information I have available to me, there has been no major breakthrough in the search for MH370. I will provide a further update if, and when, further information becomes available," said Marshal Houston. 

The black box batteries have already reached their expected life of 30-days. The efforts to locate the box on the ocean floor are now critical. Tony Abbott hopes that the needed information will be collected before the signal finally expires. Still, Bluefin 21 has not been sent to explore the ocean. The autonomous underwater vehicle is on board Ocean Shield and can be deployed any time. 

Current position of Ocean Shield.

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