Two barges run aground in Florida for 24 hours

By Accidents

Coast Guard Crew in Florida has responded to two grounded barges within 24 hours.

On Tuesday, a 180-foot barge broke free from a tugboat and ran aground on Anna Maria Island (Florida). The incident happened early in the morning. 

The Coast Guard received a signal from the operator of the tugboat Abe H that he had difficulties to steer due to the bad weather. He said he was unable to control the two barges towed by Abe H. 

The Coast Guard dispatched its patrol boats, an 87-foot Coastal Patrol Boat and a 45-foot Response Boat, to the area for assistance. Meanwhile, the operator managed to anchor one of the barges but while trying to gain control over the second, the line parted and the second barge began drifting. It grounded at  Anna Maria Island's beach. 

The commander of the sector, Captain Greg Case, said:

"It was imperative to safely remove the grounded barge before it severely damaged the beach or became a greater hazard to navigation. I'm extremely proud of all the responders that quickly converged on scene to ensure the barge was towed to safety."

There is no information for pollution or injuries. 

Less than 24 hours after the first incident, the Coast Guard received a signal for a second grounded barge. Due to the bad weather in the area, the spuds of the 140-foot barge were unable to keep it from drifting to the beach near Casa Del Mar.