Tug in a container, innovative design

By Curious

The innovation, ContainerTug 600S, was developed by the Ben3D BV Naval Architecture working together with Oonincx Shipbuilding. The curious in the design is that the Dutch built workboat is strong, compact (the size is equal to a standard 20 foot container) and can be easily transported to any area where is needed. The bollard pull is over a ton, with enough deck space and good agility this makes the ContainerTug 600S a perfect support vessel

The tug in the container could be easily dispatched to every place in the world. The workboat is possible to be transported by train, ship or truck. Shipping companies search ways to expand their business and area of operation at the lowest cost. This new innovation is expected to meet the needs of the market. 

Ben de Vries, director of BEN3D said:

"Transportability is becoming increasingly important in a market where companies are forced to be flexible. Despite the tight constraints of the (ISO) container sizes, we succeeded in developing a versatile workboat."

The hull's construction is made of Grade A steel. The engine of the containertug is capable of delivering 89 kW at 1900 rpm (the model of the engine is Volvo D5A TA). The design (the shape of the bow) allows easy pushing.

The Dutch naval engineering company, Ben3D is focused on the construction of workboats and the the evaluation and calculation of concepts and structures. The company offers also shipbuilding calculations and advice services.