Video: Tug Kimberly Selvick aground with two barges in Lake Michigan

By Accidents

Kimberly Selvick, a tug boat, and two barges have struck in the lakefront off Chicago. The incident happened on Monday night near the lakefront and 39th. Kimberly Selvick was en route from Montrose Harbor to the Calumet River shipyard tugging two barges when she experienced a power loss. The vessel carried 1,400 gallons of fuel. The crew of 4 members has been rescued. They commented that the loss of the power occurred due to high waves and wind in the area. Ron Dorneker, deputy district chief, said:

"We know they lost power. There's severe waves out there today. The waves coming over the front of the boat may have caused the problem."

The crew abandoned the vessel boarding one of the barges. Firts to respond the distress call was the fire department. The weather conditions interfered the salvage operation and the boat is still aground along the lakefront. Ron Dorneker added that the wind was pushing the vessel into shore and it was good that the fire department reacted so quickly saving the crew. They all were in good health condition.

Jerrard Walker, an eyewitness who was jogging in the area, said:

"It's crazy, actually. I hope it doesn't flip over. I don't know what to say. We don't normally see stuff like this.
"It's probably the most exciting thing on the South Side right now," he added.

The fire department aerial search showed no signs of any leakage. The barges are still stranded in open water. The owner of the company and the Coast Guard are working to salvage the tug vessel. 

Kimberly Selvick (MMSI 366984080) is owned by Calumet River Fleeting (Chicago-based). Current position of Kimberly Selvick.