Iranian Navy foils pirate attempt at hijacking a tanker

By Piracy

The Iranian naval forces have rescued Jok Lok, an Indian oil tanker, from being hijacked by pirates in the Red Sea. According to Admiral Siavash Jareh, Iranian Navy’s Deputy Commander for Operations, the 30th Fleet of the Iranian Navy intercepted pirates in seven speedboats to attack the tanker on May 5. 

“An Indian oil tanker dubbed Jok Lok was heading toward the Suez Canal through the Red Sea when it was attacked by seven ultra speed boats belonging to pirates,” he said.

The fleet comprises the destroyer Alvand and the logistic vessel Bushehr. They rushed to help as soon as they got the tanker's distress call. The Iranian naval ships clashed with the criminals forcing them to withdraw. The Indian vessel left the scene and headed towards its destination, the Suez Canal, without any damage. Bushehr and Alvand are expected to dock at Port Sudan in few days. 

The Iranian Navy has been conducting anti-piracy patrols in the Gulf of Aden since November 2008. It has increased its presence in international waters in line with the international effort in the area to provide security for tankers and merchant ships. According to Commander of the Iranian Navy, the country's flotilla intercepted more than 150 pirate attacks in the last four years (until February 13).