Тhe wreck of Columbus' ship Santa Maria believed to be found

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It is believed that the wreck of Columbus' ship Santa Maria has been found off the northern coast of Haiti. The flagship of the great explorer and navigator ran aground 520 years ago, according to sources. Many facts (geographical, underwater topography and archaeological evidence) exposed by the researchers suggests that this is the legendary flagship Santa Maria

The shipwreck had been found nine years ago, but in the recent months it was possible for the researchers to announce that this might have been the largest ship (largest Columbus' ship) that departed from Spain in 1492. The wreckage's location is the same as the shipwreck on Christmas Day 1492, according to the topography of the site. Footprint of the vessel found is very close to the size of Santa Maria.

Photos taken in 2003 show objects that date from Columbus' century. Unfortunately, many of the objects on the ship were looted. Researchers hope that if the ship is confirmed to be Santa Maria, a process of recovering and conservation will be started. The shipwreck could be also put on display in a Haitian museum. 

Santa Maria replica 1992

Background information:

Christopher Columbus is one of the greatest explorers and navigators in the world history, he is known for the discovery of the "New World". It is curious to note that the vikings were able to reach North America first, 500 years before Christopher Columbus and the colonization of the continent. The voyage of the explorer was aiming to discover a new sea passage to the Orient (in pursuit of spices and other natural resources).