Togo BW tanker seized by pirates

By Piracy

BW Group has announced that 1 of its LR1 tankers has been attacked by pirates off the West African nation of Togo.
The 75,080-dwt product tanker BW Rhine (built 2001) was “forcibly removed” from its anchorage off Lome, the Singapore shipowner announced.
The last contact with the vessel was at 18:30 GMT on 30 April.
There were actions to track the ship, and coastal navies have deployed assets to help the search.
BW Emergency Response Team is ready to act and respond to the situation.
The status of the vessel, which is partly loaded with refined fuel, is unavailable at the moment. Reports informed us that the tanker arrived in West Africa from Ventspils, Latvia.
News of the hijacking arrived early this week following an alert by the International Maritime Bureau’s (IMB) Piracy Reporting Centre in Kuala Lumpur.
There is information to be 24 sailors on board and the ship, but their condition is not known.
IMB director Potengal Mukundan told us earlier that in identical cases in the past the pirates would transfer the gasoline cargo to other vessel and put it on the market.
There has been an Underground trade exists in the Gulf of Guinea and for that reason it is easy to sell it.
For this year there have been 19 attacks in the Gulf of Guinea, with 2 vessels hijacked. Some 42 sailors have been taken hostage, 2 killed and 2 kidnapped by the bandits.
The Coast Guard can't patrol or defend the vessels on sea because of insufficient boats.