2 pirates killed, 6 arrested in gun duel with Nigerian Navy

By Piracy

Official announcement about the incident received on our email:

Contrary to reports in the media, Medaillon Reederei would like to report that following an attack by pirates on April 29 the master of its oil products tanker SP Brussels did not suffer fatal injuries and is in good health. SP Brussels came under attack on the night of April 29th when the vessel was en route from Port Harcourt to Lagos. Sadly one of the valued crew members suffered fatal injuries with one other seafarer sustaining minor injuries. Two of the attackers died following a crossfire with the security guards on board the ship.

In line with the company’s security procedures crew and armed guards retreated to the citadel of the vessel immediately after the attackers boarded SP Brussels. Regrettably two of the crew were unable to reach the citadel during the vicious attack on the ship. At no stage during the events the remaining 15 crewmembers and the security guards of SP Brussels were held hostage by the attackers nor did the pirates take full control of the ship or its cargo.  When the armed guards left the citadel in the early morning hours of April 30 to establish the security situation they discovered the casualties on board the vessel and confirmed the pirates had left the vessel.

A naval vessel attended to the ship in the afternoon of April 30 when SP Brussels proceeded under its own power to the port of Lagos.

Medaillon Reederei is working closely with authorities in Lagos to who are conducting a full investigation into the exact circumstances that have led to the tragic incident on board the SP Brussels.


The oil tanker MT SP Brussels has been hijacked by pirates outside the Lagos anchorage. One crew member has been killed during the attack and one crew member has suffered minor injuries. The vessel has been rescued by Nigerian Navy personnel from the military vessels NNS Benin and NNS Ikot-Abasi. 15 of the 17 crew members attacked by the pirates have been successfully rescued.

The manager company of the vessel, Super Maritime Nigeria Limited is waiting MT SP Brussels to be returned in their control. The oil tanker MT SP Brussels is registered with IMO number 9387164 and MMSI 538003624 (current flag - Marshall Islands, built in 2007). The last reported position of the vessel is 11 April when the pirate attack occurred.

According to sources, the oil tanker was located 120NM outside Lagos and was sailing to Port Harcourt. 8 heavily armed pirates in speed boats approached MT SP Brussels and successfully hijacked the vessel. The attack was led by 6 pirates, the rest had to stay on the boats. After boarding the oil tanker, in a gun fire, 1 crew member was shot dead and one more suffered minor injuries. The pirates disarmed the police on the oil tanker MT SP Brussels and took control over the vessel. The crew members, fearing for their lives had fled to the Citadel (a safe location used on board ships).

After the ship had been taken, the pirates searched for the crew members and found them in the Citadel. The bandits were caught during their attempt to transport products from the oil tanker. The Nigerian Navy vessels had started a pursuit and a gun duel was inevitable. The military ships were better equipped and with well trained teams. In the end, as a result of the clash between the Nigerian Navy and the pirates, 2 bandits were killed and 6 arrested.