EXCLUSIVE: An Oil Tanker Hits Petrol Rig close to Port Aransas

By Accidents

CORPUS CHRISTI – The Coast Guardians responded to an accident involving the oil tanker CORPUS CHRISTI and an oil drilling rig being towed today about 2,5 miles east of Port Aransas, Texas in the Gulf of Mexico.
Officials the pride was heading to the Aransas Pass Channel when had lost power and collided the petrol rig, named the Rowan EXL-1. Salvaging boats have been able to pull the vessel away from the oil rig after the collision.
Officials tell the oil tanker was enroute to the Valero refinery in Corpus Christi, but the delay in arrival is not going to impact operations.
The oil rig has significant damage relating to the Coast Guard. There was a hydraulic petrol leak from a crane platform struck by the vessel.
The rig has been stabilized further offshore while the crew members of the vessel controlled flooding from the ballast and grounded the ship.
None of the people has been injured and there are no reports of any oil leaking after the collision. The Coast Guard is handling the investigation