Port of Tacoma's Blair Waterway - fine for fuel spill

By Accidents

Fuel spill - 177 gallons.
Seattle-based Manson Construction Co. has been punished with 10,000 American dollars by the Washington State Department of Ecology for releasing by accident 177 gallons of diesel fuel from a 195-foot boat into the Port of Tacoma's Blair Waterway.
The fine was gathered as a result of the rule for not permitting to spill oil or fuel into the waters of the state and because Ecology determined the spill was a negligent oil spill. The Blair Waterway is a quite industrialized waterway, parts of which are contained in the Commencement Bay Environmental Protection Agency Superfund site.
Southwest Regional Office Spill Response Unit Supervisor Jim Sachet informed; "People are doing their job to clean up contamination from past activities at this Superfund site. It's important not to harm the waterway one more time."
Ecology again is billing the company $2,800 to bring back the state's costs for conducting the spill cleanup. State law order entities that spill fuel to reimburse the state.
The spill took place on the morning of Oct. 29, 2010, when the company was transferring fuel from the tug Nancy M to the fuel tank of the barge Andrew. The company failed to monitor the transfer and the tank level of the Andrew, and consequently diesel fuel overflowed from the Andrew's fuel tank vent.
The vessels were on anchor just offshore of the Washington United Terminal at the moment of the spill. The boat was being used for a clamshell dredging operation. Dredging resumed during the fuel transportation, leading to a lack of oversight for the fuel transport.