Chinese ship rams and sinks Vietnamese fishing boat

By Accidents

Vietnamese fishing boat has capsized after a collision with a Chinese ship in the South China Sea where Beijing has installed an oil rig. The tension has risen more after this incident. Vietnam accused the Chinese vessel of ramming the fishing boat sailing too close to the oil rig

10 fishermen from the Vietnamese vessel needed help after their boat had capsized at estimated distance 30 kilometers from the oil rig. The Chinese sources informed for their version of the incident. According to Chinese government sources the Vietnamese boat "capsized after harassing and colliding with a Chinese fishing boat," in Monday.

Chinese and Vietnamese vessels have been involved in incidents since China placed the rig on May 1 in a location considered by Vietnam as its exclusive economic zone. 

In a recent incident 4 fisheries officers suffered injuries when Chinese vessels opened fire with water cannons over Vietnamese Coast Guard vessels. Ha Le, the Deputy Head of the Vietnam Fisheries Surveillance Department informed:

"We are now fighting by peaceful means, by propagandizing against China’s illegal invasion. In addition, we try to avoid any intentional clashes with Chinese vessels to minimize damages and casualties on our end."

Mr. Ha Le announced that China had sent military ships and many fishing vessels in order to stop laws enforcement ships of Vietnam of sailing near the oil rig. Vietnam has made an attempt to send only civilian ships and vessels from the maritime police in order to express the country's protest against the behaviour of China. Hanoi accused its neighbours of ramming Vietnamese ships without any reason. During series of incidents several Vietnamese suffered injuries.

The area surrounding the Paracel's has been disputed by 3 countries: China, Taiwan and Vietnam since 1974. According to analysts, China and Vietnam have to discuss the problem with the contested areas in the South China Sea. This region is one of the world's most important transit routes and fishing areas and recent researches show the area is rich in fossil fuels.