MOL awarded for its waste heat energy recovery system for marine diesel engine

By Curious

MOL has announced that the company has been awarded for the development of a waste heat energy recovery system for marine diesel engine by the Japan Society of Naval Architects and Ocean Engineers (JASNAOE). The new technology, jointly developed with Namura Shipbuilding Co. Ltd. and Mitsubishi Heavy Industry Marine Machinery & Engine Co. Ltd (MHIMME)., is used to generate electric power and assist vessel propulsion. The new development was installed on an iron ore carrier operated by the Japanese company.

MOL received its award on an official ceremony on Monday held in Sendai International Center (Sendai City, Japan). It recognizes the excellent documentation and research on marine engineering, shipbuilding and general maritime affairs. These awards are also given for new technology ideas, developments and inventions which are of practical use.

The new system recovers waste heat energy in the main engine's exhaust. The electricity is generated by an integrated electric power generator with high efficiency (comprising steam and gas turbines). The so generated electricity powers the vessel and assists its propulsion by the shaft motor fitted to the crank shaft of the main engine. What the system reduces is the vessel fuel consumption and its emissions of CO2.

According to MOL, their new development is one step forward in their ISHIN-III next-generation series of vessels announced four years ago. In a press release on their official website, MOL confirmed they will continue with their "aggressive approaches" to develop new technology aimed to reduce the impact on the environment by the oceangoing vessels.