Pirates of the Caribbean ship, the Brig Unicorn, sinks off St Lucia

By Accidents

Brig Unicorn, the iconic vessel filmed in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, has sunk off the shore of St Lucia. The incident happened on Saturday while the vessel was en route to St Vincent for repairs. It had ten crew members on board.

The Brig Unicorn encountered difficulties and sank due to an unidentified cause. The crew said the vessel had been shaking as if it had hit something. The vessel started to take in water rapidly and the crew was unable to pump it out with all the water pumps on board.

Captain Sam Alleyne and the other nine crew members have been rescued by the St. Vincent Coast guard. All have been reported in good health condition.

In its film career, the famous ship played The Henrietta in "The Curse Of The Black Pearl" and The Terrasaw in "Dead Man's Chest and At World's End." Her debut in the cinema was in Roots, American TV series from the 1970s (the series won Golden Globe in 1977). Most recently, the mighty vessel served as a bar-restaurant and tourists attraction in the Rodney Bay Marina (St Lucia).

The Brig Unicorn was built in 1948 in Finland. The 148-ft vessel served as a cargo ship mainly in the Caribbean.