Update: Bluefin-21 completes its mission, no MH370 debris found

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The data collected during the last mission of Bluefin-21 (on May 28) has been analyzed and the result has been announced by the Australian Joint Agency Coordination Centre (JACC). No signs of MH370 debris have been found by the AUV (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle).

Blueifin-21 has been involved in the operation since April 14. For month and a half, the AUV has scoured more than 850 sq km of the ocean's floor. The area was defined after acoustic signals had been detected by a pinger locator on board Ocean Shield.

According to the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB), the search in the range of the acoustic detections has been advised complete. The ATSB has confirmed the area is not the final resting place of the missing Malaysian plane. The Ocean Shield has departed the area and tomorrow it is due to arrive at Fleet Base West.

The search for the missing MH370 continues as the Australian Deputy Prime Minister advised on May 5. The three major stages in the mission include:

  • all information to be reviewed and analysed in order a search zone (max 60,000 sq km) along the arc in South Indian Ocean to be defined.
  • a bathymetric survey to be conducted in order to map the sea floor in the defined area. It is expected to take about three monts.
  • to acquire the specialist services required for a comprehensive search of the area's sea floor.

Currently, the expert satellite working group is reviewing and refining radar and satellite data analysis. Zhu Kezhen, a Chinese survey vessel, has already started to conduct the bathymetric survey (mapping of the ocean floor) of the areas that ATSB have provided. The Chinese ship is being assisted by Haixun 01, a Chinese vessel, and Bunga Mas 6, a Malaysian ship. The survey data is being transported (by Haixun 01 and Bunga Mas 6) to Fremantle for further processing done weekly by Geoscience Australia.

It is expected that the underwater search will start in August and take up to one year.

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