UPDATE: Hijacked Orapin 4 found with all crew safe and stolen cargo

By Piracy

The hijacked oil tanker Orapin 4, which was reported missing on May 27, has been found, according to the Thai Royal Navy. It has been confirmed that pirates hijacked the vessel. The crew has been unharmed, the criminals only have destroyed all communication equipment on board.

Rear Admiral Karn Dee-ubol, secretary-general and spokesman of the Royal Thai Navy, said the information came yesterday. The Navy has been informed by the Thai International Tanker Company that Orapin 4 was found in Sri Racha port (Chon Buri province).

The tanker was attacked by a group of armed men while en route from Singapore to Pontianak on Kalimantan (Bormeo Island) with 14 seafarers aboard. Upon boarding the ship, the pirates destroyed all communication equipment and took control over the vessel. Last position of Orapin 4. 

The pirates stole all Orapin 4 cargo (3 million litres of diesel) but left enough fuel for the ship to return safely to the shore. Rear Admiral Karn Dee-ubol confirmed the crew was unharmed and that further investigation was ongoing.

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