Update: The Captain of the exploded Shoko Maru found dead

By Accidents

The body of the missing 64-year-old captain of Shoko Maru has been found by divers. According to the Japanese Coast Guard, the body was found on Saturday in the hold of the sunken vessel. It was confirmed that this was Masaichi Ando by his family.

He went missing when the oil tanker burst in a huge fireball on Thursday morning off Japan's south-west coast, few miles from Himeji port. The Shoko Maru submerged, bow first, 10 hours after the massive blast because of the huge hole in its hull. Preliminary investigation showed the fire had been triggered by a grinder, used by a crew member, to remove paint from the ship's deck. The explosion happened when the flames reached oil that was left in the tanks of Shoko Maru.

The Japanese tanker had 8 crew members on board, seven have been rescued, one of them is still unconscious due to his severe burns.

Shoko Maru explosion

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