Maritime accidents/ incidents chronicles Jan -Mar 2014

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An event which involves a vessel, or vessels, is called a maritime disaster. It might involve even military action. These events often result in an abysmal loss of life due to the nature of the maritime travel. This list covers all accidents/ incidents in the maritime industry that happened in the period January 2014 – March 2014.

The information have been collected from several reliable accident information sources, internet publications, recognised shipping information systems, the maritime and general media.

Date Accident/Incident Resulted in
Jan 01 Freighter Peace abandoned  at least 1 dead
Jan 03 Ferry Munawar sank (Indonesia)  3 dead, vessel lost
Jan 19  Sportivo, a Filipino coaster, sank following a collision  vessel lost
Jan 19 Rich Forester, a bulk carrier, abandoned (Philippine sea)  
Jan 20 Vina Express 01, a Hydrofoil high-speed passenger boat, burned down (Saigon)  vessel lost
Jan 20 Bitu Gulf, a tanker, sank (South China Sea)  vessel lost
Jan 21 KM Sahabat, a ferry, sank (off Jakarta) 7 dead, vessel lost
Date Accident/Incident Resulted in
Feb 05 Luno, a freighter, broke down in two on a jetty (Bayonne)  vessel lost
Feb 07 Elland, a freighter, capsized in Black Sea  vessel lost
Feb 10 Sheng An Da 7 (containership) collided with Hua Yun 2 (tanker), the first one sank (China)  5 dead, vessel lost 
Feb 21 Sunrise Orient, a freighter, hit the rocks  vessel lost, oil spill
Feb 22 Cape Dorset, a trawler, sank off Newfoundland   vessel lost, crew rescued
Date Accident/Incident Resulted in
Mar 08 Yusuf Cepnioglu, a container ship, on the rocks (Mykonos, Aegean Sea)  vessel lost
Mar 10 Santa Ana, a trawler, sank (Erbosa, Spain)  vessel lost, 2 dead, 6 missing
Mar 17 Beagle III (trawler) collided with Pegasus Prime (containership) in Tokyo Bay, the first sank  vessel lost, 9 dead
Mar 26 Sumise Maru No.38 (cement carrier) collided with Kaisei Maru (tanker) in Inner Japan Sea, the first sank  vessel lost
Mar 27 Collision between Wuxiang 66 and Xinwang 88 off Yangtze River mouth, the second sank  vessel lost
Mar 30 Anton Topic and CN Jumbos (bulk carriers) collided off Pataya  


Jan 01

Peace, a Chinese freighter issued two distress signals on Jan 1. The vessel requested help 230 nm northwest of Port Louis. Two days later, on Jan 3, VLCC Patris (IMO 9180138), dispatched to assist, found nine survivors and one dead sailor on a life raft. The fate of the DWT 1,599-ton Peace (IMO 8823317) is unknown. It was registered in Cambodia and managed by Huawei Shipping Co.

Jan 03

Ferry Munawar capsized and sank in the Alas Strait. The victims of the incidents have not been officially confirmed, nor the cause of the sinking. According to Jakarta Post, the victims are at least 3. KMP Munawar Ferry (IMO 8963090) was built in 1992 and registered in Indonesia. The 522-ton vessel was owned by Penyeberangan Munawar.

Jan 19

The coaster Sportivo, registered in the Philippines, collided with unnamed vessel early on Jan 19 in the Iloilo Strait. The vessel continued its voyage but an engine failure caused collision with a second vessel. Sportivo's hull got a huge hole and it sank. All 28 crew members were rescued.

Jan 19

Rich Forest (IMO 8126135), a bulk carrier, reported water ingress (160 tons of water per hour) in its engine room which caused propulsion problems. The crew was rescued from life rafts by CS Sunshine (bulk carrier, IMO 9609471). The fate of the DWT 21,317-ton vessel is unknown. Rich Forest was buil in 1982 and was registered in Panama. Manager of the vessel is Shanghai Shenyue.

Jan 20

Fire erupted in the engine room of the passenger boat Vina Express 01 (MMSI 574012757) near Ho Chi Minh city (Vietnam). It spread quickly forcing people on board to jump. All 92 onboard (85 passengers and 7 crew) were safe. The 25- meter boat burned out.

Jan 20

Bitu Gulf, a tanker, was en route to Quy Nhon (Vietnam) when it got into trouble due to unknown reason. The vessel sank about 49 nm southeast of Phang Rang. All 16 crew members were rescued by Ever Summit (IMO 9300453). Bitu Gulf (IMO 8875798) was built in 1991. The DWT 3,884-ton vessel was registered in Panama and was managed by Inter Global Shipping (UAE).

Jan 21 

Sahabat (IMO 8122593, registered in Indonesia) sank 22 miles off Jakarta early in the morning. The cause of the incident are unclear. From all 139 people on board, 7 (3 passengers and 4 crew) went missing.

Feb 05

Luno (IMO 9072329), a general cargo vessel, was entering Bayonne when it suffered a blackout. Strong waves and wind sent it into the Bayonne's southern dike. It broke in two, all 12 on board were rescued.

February 07

General cargo ship Elland (IMO 8111788) encountered engine failure off Bulgarian waters and was forced to anchor on February 7, 2014. At the night of February 8th, the cargo ship Elland developed starboard list of 15 degrees caused by shift of its cargo of plywood. The cargo shifts was probably caused by vessel's rolling while at anchor.
The ship's list increased at around UTC 4:00 to 30 degrees and the ship master issued a distress signal. Crew members of the tilted Elland cargo ship tried to even the vessel, but failed. 
Crew members of the distressed cargo ship Elland left the ship on life boat and were later rescued by the Turkish cargo ship M.Izmir. According to initial reports they were transferred to Bulgarian rescue boat Vyara, which transported all 11 crew members of Elland to Bulgarian port Varna. 
Bulgarian maritime authorities immediately dispatched a tug vessel Eliza (IMO 8612691), owned by Bon Marine International Ltd., to tow the damaged Elland cargo ship but the attempt failed due to risk of sinking. The 24,610 GT general cargo ship Elland sank at at a 50-meter depth approximately 7 n.m. off Bulgarian coast near Durankulak at 4:30 pm. on February 8th, 2014.

Feb 10

Sheng An Da 7 (MMSI 412501090) collided with Hua Yun 2 (IMO 8322909) resulting the sinking of the boxship in the estuary of Pearl River (off Dong Ao island). 5 crew members of the sunken containership went missing, only two bodies were recovered.

Feb 21

Cargo ship listed off Cheung Chau island in Hong Kong and its crew was evacuated on the morning of February 21st, 2014. Crew members of the listed ship, all Vietnamese, were reported in good condition from a senior police officer. The damaged ship Sunrise Orient (IMO 9550072), drifted almost half a mile after the rescue of its crew members and eventually ran aground at a rocky beach to the east of Cheung Chau island.

Feb 22

The fishing vessel Cape Dorset (MMSI 316021225) sank off Burin Peninsula after taking on water 2 days ago. All 19 crew members were rescued. 

Mar 08

The Turkish-flagged container ship, "Yusuf Cepnioglu" (IMO 9119646) ran aground near the Greek island of Mykonos. 14 crew members were successfully rescued from the sinking vessel. The boxship (6,928-deadweight tonne) was at anchor at a port in the city of Izmir and was sailing to Tunisia. Yusuf Cepnioglu was reported sinking on the northwestern shore of Mykonos, 12 of the people aboard the boxship were rescued by coast guard boats, the rest of the crew had to be airlifted by a helicopter which was dispatched to the location of the incident. No injuries were reported.

Mar 10

The fishing vessel Santa Ana sank near Cabo de Penas in Asturias, Spain. Two crew members drowned and six more went missing of the nine people that were aboard. Santa Ana was Portuguese-flagged, fishing vessel with MMSI: 263457000, size 35 x 8m. The vessel crashed into a rock near Erbosa Island just minutes after departing from the port of Aviles to fish for mackerel. The only crew member that was successfully rescued is the captain Manuel Simal Sande. 

Mar 17

Freighter vessel Beagle III (IMO 9478353) collided with the boxship Pegasus Prime (IMO 9283162) and sank at the mouth of Tokyo Bay on 17th of March, 2014. According to initial information 1 crew member, from Chinese origin was in critical condition and another 8 went missing.
Beagle III, a 12,630 GT, Panama-registered cargo ship loaded with steel coil sank after she collided with Pegasus Prime, a 7,406 GT South Korea-registered container carrier in the Urga waterway. The collision between both ships occurred at 3:10 local time (UTC6:10 p.m.) on March 17 at the mouth of Tokyo Bay in Japan.

Mar 26

A collision between Sumise Maru No.38 (IMO 9054200) and Kaisei Maru (MO 9560431) in the Inner Japan sea resulted in the sinking of the first vessel. No crew was injured.

Mar 27

Wuxiang 66 and Xinwang 88 were sailing in dense fog when at 2:58 AM on March 27 they collided. Xinwang 88 sank ditching all its crew. Rescue vessels came immediately at the scene but only four out of the seven crew members were found.

Mar 30

The bulk carrier CN Jumbos (IMO 9111371) notified the Royal Thai Fleet that it had been hit by the cargo ship Anton Topic (IMO 9107679). The accident happened on March 30, eight nautical miles south west of Koh Larn Island in the Gulf of Thailand (13 nautical miles south west of Pattaya). Both vessels were departing Laem Chabang and Ko Sichang road after they had completed cargo operations. CN Jumbos was heading to Anggrek (Indonesia), Anton Topic was en route to Myeg Pasir Gudang port (Malaysia). The royal boat Tor.110 was dispatched to the scene. 
All 23 crew members onboard CN Jumbos were safe and did not abandoned the vessel. The ship had a crack in its hull and reported taking in water of 20 cm/hour. The bulk carrier was still afloat, inclining five degrees to the right. The crew members together with the sailors from Tor.110 managed to pump out the water from inside the hull and fixed the crack.