BW Rhine is free, crew is safe

By Piracy

The vessel BW Rhine (product tanker) has been freed off Nigeria by the pirates. 24 sailors (all of them) are reported safe.

Today, a communication with the ship was made. The Master of BW Rhine Captain Dheeraj Sharma told that the tanker has been held by pirates and the cargo is missing now.

“We are all very relieved and our immediate priority is to ensure the well being of our employees,” infomed BW Maritime CEO Andreas Sohmen-Pao.

BW Rhine is heading now to the nearest port where support services have been arranged for the sailors upon arrival.

This is the 1st known hijack case happened in Lome, Togo. The attack was amde at a patrolled anchorage with a quite large number of other ships in the region. An investigation of the crime will be undertaken in the next few weeks and the owner of the vessel requests that respect is given to the privacy of the sailors and their families.