New Provision for Seafarers Protection adopted by ILO

By Curious

The International Labour Organization (ILO) has adopted new provisions on the seafarers' protection at their 103rd International Labour Conference. According to the Danish Maritime Authority (DMA), the new regulations of the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) enhance the safety of abandoned seamen (for example in a foreign port without any economic possibility to return home) and seamen who have accidentally been injured during work.

The MLC have already been ratified by 61 countries. The extended seafarer’s protection all over the world confirms the success of ILO in creating instruments for protecting the rights of the mariners.

The regulations will take effect after two and a half years. Countries that have ratified the conventions will be liable by it. The new provisions won't be accepted, providing 24 (40%) of the countries reject them in writing, which is unlikely. During the vote of the new regulations only one, of all 470 delegates, was against.

The new regulations will ensure better protection of the seafarers worldwide with respect to compensation in case of working incidents, a paid trip home and outstanding wages in case of liquidation of the vessel's owner.

New Provision for Seafarers Protection adopted by ILO