Vessel Apollo in danger of breaking apart as it ran aground near Kotitz

By Vessels

The Apollo has run aground near the ferry dock in Kotitz, the right side of River Elbe and now it is in danger of breaking apart.

The incident happened on June 8 when the vessel got stuck on its whole length while en route to Czechia loaded with about 500 tonnes of fertilizer. An attempt to refloat the vessel was made on June 13. The Beskydy tug was dispatched from Bohem and dams in Usti nad Labem were opened to raise the water level, but with no success.

Apollo ran aground at water depth of 1.4 meters, currently the water level at Konitz is 87 cm. The District Manager of External Water and Shipping Authority Dresden, Lutz Klar said:

"Now we need to act urgently."

The decreasing level of the water threatens to break the vessel in two so the authorities have decided to lighten it. Currently, the site of the incident is closed for traffic.

"The fertilizer presses on the side walls. The further decreasing water level increases the pressure," added Lutz Klar.

The incident was probably caused by a navigational mistake. The 3-member crew is on board ready to assist the unloading operation. There is no danger to the environment.

Apollo MMSI 270299000

Apollo (MMSI 270299000) is a 72-meter vessel registered in the Czech Republic.