Mangalore - Fire a container on board of a ship

By Accidents

Panic overtook the sailors of a cargo vessel after one of its containers loaded with chemicals was on fire about 50 nautical miles off Mangalore 3 days ago but no one was injured in the incident, information from Coast Guard.
MV CAP NORTE (Liberian flag) was on its way to Mundra with 24 sailors on board when the fire started. The captain of the ship sent a distress message to Maritime Rescue Coordination Center in Mumbai looking for help.
Right after the signal for help, Coast Guard Fast Patrol ship ICGS Savitribai Phule sailed off to give assistance and reached the place of the accident at around 1 pm, the Coast Guard told.
The merchant ship was carrying about fifteen tons polyamide sulphide.
The vessel's equipage stopped the fire themselves and the situation was under control.
"All persons on board are safe. Fire was observed only in cargo containers," announcement from press release.
Of the 24 sailors, 2 was from Greece, 5 from The Philippines, 3 from Poland, 1 each from Germany and UK and twelve from Tuvalu.