At least nine dead as two vessels collide in Peruvian waters

By Accidents

A collision between two fishing vessels has resulted in at least nine crew members dead, three injured and three still unaccounted for.

The accident happened yesterday at around 1 am LT and involved the Marisol II and Tasa-147. The vessels collided for yet undetermined reason off the coast of the Peruvian port of Pisco (3 nm north of the Chincha Islands), 155 miles (250 km) south of Lima. Marisol II capsized and its entire 15-member crew went under the water. Three of the fishermen were rescued, nine bodies were recovered and three are still missing. Tasa-147 neither was damaged, nor crew member was injured.

According to the Peruvian Navy, three patrol boats, a helicopter and a Fokker aircraft with twelve divers have been sent to the collision site from Pisco. The search for the three missing is ongoing.

Tasa-147 and Marisol II are both 15 meters long and have gross tonnage of 200 metric tonnes. Tasa-147 is owned by the largest fish meal producer in the world -Tasa.

nine dead as two vessels collide in Peruvian waters